What we do

Teleport provides live HD camera viewing, multi-year recording and time-lapse video. It then allows for controlled sharing, broadcasting and historical access to this recorded content. All this is automated and works out of the box, simply connect your camera!

What can I do with Teleport?

  • You can easily view an IP camera, webcam, even a Nikon DSLR on any device with a web browser.
  • Record years of images, perfect for construction or art projects, or any long running activity.
  • Share the camera with a group of people, or broadcast it, for marketing purposes or reporting.
  • Easily embed the feed on your own website, or simply use the provided feed profile.
  • View the live stream at 1 fps in true Full HD quality (often preferred to inevitably low quality live video).
  • Search by date and instantly view images or video from any point in the past. You can download them too.
  • View an always up-to-date live time-lapse video that shows the most recent activity.
  • View an 'all-time' time-lapse video that records everything from beginning to present.
  • Create custom videos of any speed and length based on any recorded time. You can do this automatically as you record or after the fact once recording is completed.
  • Secure the feed by password, a share link or IP address, or share with specific users using email address.
  • Everything published to Teleport from the camera can be recorded in HD quality until you decide to delete it.
  • Control data storage and bandwidth based on your budget and needs.
  • No complicated software installation or maintenance necessary, everything happens automatically as soon as you connect Teleport to your camera.

More details

  • Teleport allows online cloud based viewing of 'feeds' via the Teleport website, Teleport apps or the embedded player on any other website. Any device with a web browser can view the live feed, time-lapse videos and access historical imagery, etc.
  • A 'feed' is a single camera video stream published from your location. Here is a couple examples of present live feeds. You can view the current live image, time-lapse video or historical images by changing the play mode. Mt. Hayes and Construction Inalfa Roof Systems
  • Supports high resolution imagery (8K) for both live viewing and recording. (16K coming soon)
  • View live or record at up to 1 frame per second or stream live 4K video.
  • A feed can be broadcast on the web for mass viewing or kept private for internal use.
  • Feeds can be secured by password, a share link or IP address range, or you can share with a specific set of users by entering their email addresses.
  • A share link is often preferred over password/user sharing as it is often easier to manage. You distribute a secret share link and anyone with this link has access to the feed without the need for passwords or signing in.
  • Feeds can be easily embedded on your own website allowing viewing by anyone visiting the website, this is done by placing the Teleport Player on your website which is as simple embedding a YouTube video.
  • Publishing can occur from Teleport Station or VideoVelocity applications or the Teleport service can connect directly to IP Cameras without additional software, any IP camera is supported. You can also configure the camera to publish to our FTP server.
  • Publishing through the TeleportStation or VideoVelocity software allows the use of webcams, DSLR cameras or screen capture as well as IP cameras.
  • For IP cameras the preferred connection method is direct connection from Teleport. This conserves bandwidth and allows for the most flexibility.
  • When 3G network limitations or firewalls prevent direct IP camera connection, most good IP cameras support FTP functionality, in which case you publish to the Teleport FTP server.
  • Publish lower resolution content to minimize bandwidth usage or satisfy privacy concerns.
  • Recording of feeds takes place on our secure, world class cloud infrastructure, and is able to easily hold years of recorded data.
  • This data can be downloaded for on-site archiving using our export tool.*
  • Built on top of reliable cloud infrastructure and able to scale to customer demand.
  • Our image pipelines are built with bandwidth conservation in mind, this is key for cameras on a 3G connection for example.
  • Data is never deleted by Teleport unless you configure a delete policy. Effectively there is no limit to how much you can record.


More coming

We're always adding new features, coming soon: 360/panoramic viewing and capture, video report generation, BIM support, audio support, a new Teleport player interface and auto YouTube publishing.

Getting started

  • Signup here, choose the free trial option or a specific plan.
  • Choose a camera if needed, see choosing an IP camera
  • Connect Teleport to your IP Camera or configure the camera to publish to Teleport FTP. You can also publish using the dedicated Telport Station app or the VideoVelocity app from a webcam, DSLR, your screen, etc.
  • You're done! Teleport will take care of the rest. You can adjust recording and publishing settings later, as well as monitor traffic and data usage.
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About us

Teleport is built by CandyLabs Research, a company with 15 years of software and services experience, visit us at www.candylabs.com We're based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Email John at support@teleport.io to discuss your project.

Example of an embedded live feed

This is how your feed will appear on your website. You can switch player modes between live view, live video clip, time-lapse or historical. Adjust playback speed and time interval. Download images or video files.