Teleport Affiliate Program

15-40% commission for account lifetime
Based on total monthly sales of your referrals
Teleport has uses in many industries, growing market
Recurring income, with no recurring work!

Join our affiliate program to earn high commissions when you promote Teleport and drive new signups.

  • Unlike a reseller which is more involved, an affiliate partner simply forwards customers to us and your job is done!
  • You get paid a 15-40% commission for the lifetime of the account, based on sales amount.
  • All payments and tracking is automatic. Clients sign up using your affiliate link or code.
  • Payouts occur after 30 days, to your PayPal or Stripe account.
  • Plenty of opportunity for growth as this is a new industry with a global market.
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"with just 3 large customers, one a niche IP camera supplier, and two construction site operators, we're able to pull in thousands of dollars each month in commission"

- Teleport affiliate partner
(did not want to share name)