For broadcast

Broadcast to Teleport Windows 7 through 10
VideoVelocity Broadcast from your webcam, IP Camera,
screen capture, or D-SLR using any Windows PC
  • IP Cameras do not need an app, Teleport connects directly to the IP Camera or via Teleport FTP. Though using VideoVelocity as backup is recommended.
  • Broadcast apps for mobile & tablet coming soon.

For viewing

View Teleport feeds Windows 7 through 10
Teleport Window View Teleport feeds on dedicated displays
PC, Raspberry Pi, MinnowBoard Max, DragonBoard 410c, Xbox
  • Meant for viewing Teleport feeds on a dedicated TV, monitor or projector.
  • Use with any Windows 10 PC/tablet/phone/XBox or Windows 10 IoT with Raspberry PI 2, MinnowBoard Max, DragonBoard 410c, Xbox
  • Use a Raspberry Pi to create an inexpensive dedicated display solution.
  • For integration, use the Teleport Window app sideload package instead of the store version.
  • See Configure a dedicated display with Teleport for help on configuring Teleport Window.
  • Teleport apps for interactive viewing are in the making.

For developers