Apps to capture from cameras

Broadcast to Teleport
Teleport Station Capture from Axis/Hikvision IP cameras, Android,
DSLR/webcam on Raspberry Pi or Linux/Windows.
Axis IP cameras Hikvision IP cameras Windows 10/11 Linux android

Broadcast to Teleport
VideoVelocity Capture from your webcam, IP Camera,
screen capture, or DSLR using any Windows PC
Windows 10/11
  • IP cameras do not need an app, Teleport can connect directly to the IP camera or via Teleport FTP.
  • However, Axis/Hikvision IP cameras do benefit from additional features by running Teleport Station.
  • Teleport Station or VideoVelocity running on a PC can be used as a local independent backup recording for important projects.
  • Teleport Station is recommended for long term capture. VideoVelocity is an interactive desktop app meant for shot term projects.

Apps to view

View Teleport feeds
Teleport Window View Teleport feeds on dedicated displays connected to a
PC, Raspberry Pi, Xbox. Any Windows 10/11 device.
Windows 10/11
  • Though any device with a browser can be configured to display Teleport feeds. This app allows you to deploy a dedicated device for this purpose.
  • Meant for viewing Teleport feeds on a dedicated TV, monitor or projector.
  • Use with any Windows 10/11 device, or Windows IoT on supported devices such as Raspberry PI
  • Use a Raspberry Pi to create a dedicated display solution.
  • For integration, use the Teleport Window app sideload package instead of the store version.
  • See Configure a dedicated display with Teleport for help on configuring Teleport Window.
  • Teleport apps for interactive viewing are in the works.

For developers

  • Use our APIs to easily broadcast from your camera or any video source, and to integrate your solution with Teleport.