A live video stream of somewhere out there

Live video streaming features:

  • Broadcast your IP camera to any number of viewers.
  • Stream any IP camera on your own website or on the Teleport profile page.
  • Easily embed the live stream on your website.
  • Does not use bandwidth from your camera connection.
  • Option to stop the stream when there are no viewers, to save bandwidth.
  • Stream can be also be kept running to remove delay on first viewing.
  • Teleport will automatically create a time-lapse video and record high resolution images.
  • Save a historical record of the stream (for example once a minute or an our) for many years with low storage cost.
  • Along with live streaming, you can view time-lapse video, and high resolution zoomable hitorical images.
  • Options to lower bandwidth use
  • This feature can be added to any feed on most plans.
Teleport operations during COVID-19 continue as normal, with all precautions being taken. We wish health and safety to all.