Example player showing time-lapse video

Embed it on your website or view on Teleport provided profile page

Teleport Player features:

  • Embed the webcam live stream on your website.
  • Viewer PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) control right in the player.
  • Does not use bandwidth from your camera connection.
  • Option to stop the stream when there are no viewers, saving bandwidth.
  • Along with live streaming, you can view time-lapse video, and high resolution zoomable historical images.

Teleport on lobby TVs or large wall displays

Any Smart TV can be easily configured to display your feeds, along with custom content using defined playlists. Easy deployment and full remote management of the new Teleport player on an embedded/dedicated device.

Teleport Window device features:

  • Create custom playlists and support non-interactive mode for dedicated displays.
  • Included custom branded images and video in the playlist.
  • Use any smart TV or device with a web browser.
  • Easily setup a Raspberry Pi as a dedicated digital sign.