10 min / frame, essential features
  • 720p, 10min / frame, 10 GB
  • $5 per feed/month
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1 min / frame, more space
  • 720p, 1min / frame, 15GB
  • $19 per feed/month
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1 sec / frame, 1080p, more space & control
  • Full HD, live update (~1 sec / frame), 25GB
  • $49 per feed/month
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brand control, privacy mask, more space & control
  • Full HD, live update (~1 sec / frame), 50GB, more control
  • $89 per feed/month
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* Actual live image update frequency depends on local connection speed and the image resolution used
† These features are in active development and are coming soon. Contact us to beta test!

All plans include

  • 14 day free trial, billing starts only once trial ends
  • 2 free months on a yearly subscription
  • Free 48 hour recording history
  • True HD quality, control compression, preserve original color
  • Record in high quality JPEG or PNG if lossless quality is a requirement
  • On-the-fly time-lapse video, i.e. today, last 6 hours, etc. see the most recent activity in time-lapse
  • Inception/from the start time-lapse video, see the entire recording from start to finish
  • Custom time-lapse video creation, choose the time, schedule, the speed and a video is generated automatically
  • Unlimited recording, viewing and time-lapse video, need to record for 5 years? No problem!
  • No data retention limits, all recorded content is stored unless you choose to delete it
  • Recorded history date search and view
  • Download recorded videos, or host in Teleport
  • Embed the Teleport player on any website

More details

  • Teleport favors HD imagery over low quality live video streaming, use it to view HD location images & record time-lapse videos
  • Teleport allows easy integration with other systems through our public APIs
  • Export recorded frames and video
  • You can easily unsubscribe at any time. If you unsubscribe before your trial is over, you will not be billed.


  • Co-branding on the Pro plan shows your own logo and links alongside Teleport branding. Teleport brand promotion is limited compared to Basic and Starter plans.
  • Rebranding on the Control plan removes all Teleport branding and gives your full control over logo, splash screen, etc. You can also run your own promotion popups or full ads (contact us to beta test).

Overage pricing

  • Applies only to usage above your plan, you pay only for what you use
  • We recommend running feeds for some time, then based on usage reports adjust settings to meet your needs and budget
  • Disable or minimize overage charges through spending limits and throttling
Stored (GB) Rate /GB /Month (USD)
First 200 GB /Month $0.30
Next 824.0 GB /Month $0.25
Next 1.0 TB /Month $0.20
Over 2 TB /Month $0.15
Transfered out (GB) Rate /GB (USD)
First 400 GB /Month $0.30
Next 1.6 TB /Month $0.25
Over 2 TB /Month $0.20
Transfered in
Free. All uploaded data into Teleport is free and does not count towards your usage in anyway.
  • If data usage goes over plan amount and overage billing is enabled, there is no downtime and you are billed only for what you use
  • If data usage goes over plan amount and overage billing is disabled, there is no downtime or additional cost, old content is deleted to make room for new content, feeds are served at slower speed
  • The large majority of our customers don't pay overage usage. However popular feeds with many viewers (over 10 thousand views per month) or feeds that record high resolution images at high rates will go above the included resource amounts
  • To keep Teleport accessible and plan pricing low, we place the cost of bandwidth and storage on high use accounts through overage charges

Want to integrate with Teleport? Need specialized features? Contact us

All prices are in U.S Dollars.