It started with an idea to bring imagery of interest, from around the world, to the screen. To make those locations present and see change over time. From this the Teleport was born.

Teleport is a platform that enables easy broadcast, live and historical viewing and time-lapse video on any camera, project or location.

We are in operation for over 12 years. And as a company we've been in business since 2003, far longer than most in this fast-paced industry!

Teleport comes to you from the good people behind We're based in Vancouver, Canada and have close to 22 years presence in software and services.

Data protection and handling practices

Read about our data protection and GDPR approach here.

Company address

8588 Cornish St
Vancouver, BC
V6P 0C1

Company contact

Marek Sliwa

Aurora australis (© NASA)