• Teleport is ideally suited for construction project recording and viewing
  • Easy DIY setup in less than 10 minutes if you have an IP camera ready.
  • Provides automatic always up-to-date time-lapse video of various sizes and speeds
  • Use it to promote and market the project to the public
  • Provide reporting back of project progress to headquarters
  • Easily setup a wall display with live imagery, time-lapse video and custom content
  • Embed on your own website
  • Live video clips, give the immersion of video streaming at much lower bandwidth cost. New
  • Aids with project manament, to the second historical image reporting, capture years of data, and easily lookup any time in the past
  • Track project progress, compare historical images in overlay or side by side. Coming soon
  • Use IP Cameras without any software or hardware, 100% cloud based
  • Cost effective for multi-year and historical reporting
  • Low bandwidth usage and works even on cellular connections
  • Control storage usage without sacrificing a complete historical record
  • Contact us for custom integrations or large volume
Try Teleport for Construction
  • View & record any IP camera in true HD quality (up to 8K)
  • Auto time-lapse video creation in 4K, recent activity, all-time or custom duration/speed videos
  • View historical images from any time in the past
  • Capture live images, time-lapse and live video clips, all working together to better visualize the remote location in real-time or historical.
  • Easily share your feed with others or broadcast it worldwide
  • Make your feed public or view it privately
  • Easily control bandwidth used by Teleport and your cameras
  • Minimal connections are made to the camera, viewers never have direct camera access

Live, public construction feeds

This is how your feed can appear on your website. You can switch player modes between live view, live video clip, time-lapse or historical. Adjust playback speed and time interval. Download images or video files.