A complete webcam & time-lapse solution

Use any IP camera, webcam or DSLR
Time-lapse is always up to date, view & download anytime
Auto, all time & recent activity time-lapse in multi speed
Embed on your own website and customize
Live + historical, high-quality images, 8K & zoomable
Live video streaming
Over 12 years in operation
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Example live camera feed

An embedded player in 'live image' mode, this uses less bandwidth than live video with higher (up to 8K) quality.

This is how your feed will appear on your web page. Easily embed our player and customize it as needed. You can switch player modes between live view, live video clip, time-lapse or historical. Adjust playback speed and time interval. Download images or video files. Each feed also gets its own profile page.

Use your own camera or buy pre-configured

Any IP camera, webcam or DSLR works, view supported cameras or buy a ready to go camera.

Share, embed or keep private

Use a share link, embed our player & customize on your own website, or keep it private.

Easy setup

Connect a camera and the rest is automatic. Customize recording schedules or manage cameras remotely from a single dashboard.

Stream, time-lapse & record

Live, multi-speed time-lapse video, video streaming and 8K image historical record. No storage time limits.

Teleport features

  • View & record any IP camera, webcam or DSLR, in true high quality (up to 8K)
  • Auto time-lapse video creation in 4K, recent activity, all-time or custom duration/speed videos
  • Record months or years of video and images, no storage or time limits on recordings.
  • View high-quality, zoomable historical images from any time in the past
  • Use live images, time-lapse, video streaming and video clips in concert to visualize a location
  • Capture any long-running activity, construction projects, industrial or scientific monitoring, etc.
  • Live image, captures high quality images every 10 seconds for example, uses less bandwidth than optional video streaming and offers higher image detail allowing for zoom, images are recorded as individual high quality frames and can be looked up by date/time, these images are also recorded into time-lapse videos
  • Live video streaming with PTZ control, up to 4K quality, view on any device, works with any IP camera, viewers connect to Teleport not the camera, stream active only when there are viewers New
  • Live video clip, capture live video at chosen intervals, get the immersion of video streaming with lower bandwidth use
  • Image anonymize, removes all motion from time-lapse video and optionally still images, for example moving cars or people are not shown, also makes time-lapse video smoother. Contact us to join preview.  New
  • Cost effective for multi-year and historical reporting
  • Great for remote area monitoring, uses very little bandwidth.
  • Easily share your feed with others or broadcast it worldwide
  • Make your feed public or view it privately
  • Embed on your own website
  • Use IP Cameras without any other software or hardware
  • Track project progress, compare historical images in overlay or side by side Coming soon
  • Setup in 5 minutes if you have a camera ready
  • Integrate with Teleport using our APIs
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Example of a live time-lapse video (always up to date!)

Embed it on your website or view on Teleport website

Teleport on lobby TVs or large wall displays

Any Smart TV can be easily configured to display your feeds, along with custom content using defined playlists. Easy deployment and full remote management of the new Teleport player on an embedded/dedicated device.

Supported cameras

  • Most IP cameras, webcams or DSLRs will work, view supported cameras here
  • Teleport is an open platform and works with any camera, if your camera isn't supported we are able to add it
  • We have enhanced features for Hikvision and Axis IP cameras as well as DSLRs through the use of our Teleport station on-camera app.

Setup and record in 5 minutes

Any IP camera will work, just enter the IP address and login! For webcams, DSLR, mirrorless and Point & shoot cameras, install our Teleport Station app for Windows or Linux (works on Raspberry Pi).

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Need a camera?
Ready-to-go high quality cameras from Teleport

  • No setup required, simply unbox, plug in a single wire and it records!
  • Camera immediately shows on your Teleport account, begins recording and streaming, can be easily managed
  • Ships with everything needed
  • Installs using a single Ethernet cable, up to 100m, longer with a mid-span, mounts on a post or a wall
  • Inside/outside, -30°C to +50°C or -22°F to 122°F, all weather operation
  • Based on leading, high quality cameras from Axis
  • Note that Teleport works with any IP camera or most DSLRs, our cameras make it even easier!
Buy a camera