Teleport + Axis

  • Axis is a very popular camera manufacturer with world-wide availability and cameras that offer great image and build quality. All Axis cameras will work with Teleport.
  • The Axis ACAP platform enables our Teleport Station app to be used for smart edge functionality with Axis cameras. View Axis cameras.
  • All Axis cameras support our Teleport Station app. Alternatively you can use port forwarding or the on camera FTP function. View the Axis integration guide

Supported Axis camera models

  • Dome and bullet cameras
  • PTZ cameras
  • Modular cameras
  • Panoramic cameras
  • Thermal cameras
  • Explosion protected cameras
  • Modular cameras
  • Onboard cameras
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Any IP camera will work, just enter the IP address and login! For webcams, DSLR, mirrorless and Point & shoot cameras, install our Teleport Station app for Windows or Linux (works on Raspberry Pi).

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Ready-to-go high quality cameras from Teleport

  • No setup required, simply unbox, plug in a single wire and it records!
  • Camera immediately shows on your Teleport account, begins recording and streaming, can be easily managed
  • Ships with everything needed
  • Installs using a single Ethernet cable, up to 100m, longer with a mid-span, mounts on a post or a wall
  • Inside/outside, -30°C to +50°C or -22°F to 122°F, all weather operation
  • Based on leading, high quality cameras from Axis
  • Note that Teleport works with any IP camera or most DSLRs, our cameras make it even easier!
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