Supported camera types

IP Cameras – any standards based IP camera
DSLRs — any PTP camera, Canon/Nikon/etc.
Webcams — any PC Windows/Linux webcam
Custom – any IoT embedded device, Linux/Windows
  • IP cameras offer easy setup, high reliability with good image quality.
  • DSLRs/webcams can offer better image quality, but add hardware/deployment complexity.
Try Teleport

Teleport Station edge AI, on-camera app

Enhanced feature set with our Teleport Station app. Runs on-board cameras for smart features on the edge.

Axis Hikvision Azena Linux Windows 10/11 Android
  • Install our Teleport Station app on the camera
  • Camera records as soon as connected to Internet on any site
  • Works on cellular connections, no port forwarding or public IP needed
  • No on-site network setup required, enables full remote management
  • Fully pre-provision camera prior to shipping to site

Bring in your own camera

Use already installed cameras or source locally. An IP camera is trivial to setup with Teleport.

Buy a pre-configured camera

Optionally purchase out-of-the box ready solution from our store.

Easy setup

Connect a camera and the rest is automatic. Customize recording schedules or manage cameras remotely from a single dashboard.

What type of cameras work with Teleport?

  • Any open standard IP camera will work, Teleport connects directly to the camera, does not require a PC or any software. Most models from Hikvision/Axis/Dahua/Bosch/Panasonic/Hanwha/Vivotek/D-Link/Sony/Reolink/etc. will work (any IP camera that has an rtsp or jpeg network stream).
  • Any webcam will work, requires a Windows or Linux PC
  • All major brand (Cannon/Nikon/Sony..) DSLRs/mirrorless/Point & shoot cameras are supported (any camera gphoto2 library supports). Requires a Windows or Linux PC.
  • Extended support for Axis and Hikvision cameras through our Teleport Station app which runs on-board the camera
  • Any FTP capable device can FTP images to us.
  • Any HTTP/RTSP/SRC or FTP source can be used. As well as services such as Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive can be used as sources for live and historical images. Live video requires a network stream such as an RTSP or HTTP.

Suggested IP camera brands

Though any IP camera is supported, Hikvision and Axis are the most common.

Setup and record in 5 minutes

Any IP camera will work, just enter the IP address and login! For webcams, DSLR, mirrorless and Point & shoot cameras, install our Teleport Station app for Windows or Linux (works on Raspberry Pi).

Try Teleport

Need a camera?
Ready-to-go high quality cameras from Teleport

  • No setup required, simply unbox, plug in a single wire and it records!
  • Camera immediately shows on your Teleport account, begins recording and streaming, can be easily managed
  • Ships with everything needed
  • Installs using a single Ethernet cable, up to 100m, longer with a mid-span, mounts on a post or a wall
  • Inside/outside, -30°C to +50°C or -22°F to 122°F, all weather operation
  • Based on leading, high quality cameras from Axis
  • Note that Teleport works with any IP camera or most DSLRs, our cameras make it even easier!
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