Updated April, 2024

Recent changes

April. 2024
  • Further work on public APIs to support integration with our platform.
  • Work on v2 interactive player nearing completion.
March. 2024
  • Improved APIs to support integration with our platform.
  • Work on v2 interactive player nearing completion.
Feb. 2024
  • Hikvision Teleport Station app is now available with full functionality support. Requires HEOP 2.0 compatible cameras.
Jan. 2024
  • Axis Teleport Station app no longer requires credentials for full functionality. This requires firmware 11.6 or higher, for older firmware enter a viewer username/password.
  • Improved PTZ performance on Axis cameras and optimized support on newer models.
Nov. - Dec, 2023
  • Upgraded backend to a new framework and cloud infrastructure, still based on Azure.
  • As well as being more performant, will allow for much faster feature development in the future.
Oct, 2023
  • Version two Teleport Player user interface work underway.
  • Now using a global CDN to deliver live video and time-lapse.
Sept, 2023
  • Improved time-lapse video download speeds.
Aug, 2023
  • Teleport Station app, now has improved support for latest firmware on Axis cameras.
  • Continuing development on Hikvision on camera app. Contact us to beta test.
  • Improved time-lapse video encoding performance in some cases.
July, 2023
  • Improved overall service performance.
  • Started development on Hikvision on camera app.
June, 2023
  • Teleport Station for Axis/Windows/Linux updated to support offline scheduling when Internet connectivity is missing. Allowing for image capture and buffering of images locally, for later sync with Teleport.
  • Improved Dahua camera support.
May, 2023
  • Added ability to import historical images right from the web interface, support for FTP sites and DropBox in this first release, more coming.
  • Improved time-lapse generation back end, much shorter wait times. Next on the agenda is simplified interface for generating custom videos.
  • Improved ONVIF camera support, including PTZ for time-lapse capture from multiple preset locations and for live viewing.
Feb - April, 2023
  • Added ability to pre-pay future subscription renewals. Funds go as credit on your account.
  • Affiliate program expansion. Commission is now up to 40% of monthly sales.
  • Added support for more camera manufacturers.
Jan, 2023
  • Improved image post processing pipeline, including new rotate functions.
  • Added more customization options to the embeddable player.
Nov - Dec, 2022
  • Support for new Axis camera models and firmware such as the M2036 camera.
  • Ability to use RTSPS streams, contact us if your camera isn't supported. The standard for this is not yet well adopted.
Sept - Oct, 2022
  • Ability to download a (possibly very large) final all-time video with all the parts joined together.
  • Continuing work on Android (phone as camera) app and advertising features.
Aug, 2022
  • Adding advertising features, allowing you to host your own ads.
  • Ability to add your own short videos for playback in custom playlists within our player.
May - July, 2022
  • Dropbox as an image/video clip source. Google Drive and OneDrive coming.
  • Improved backend performance, more coming.
April, 2022
  • Time-lapse video now loads faster within the Teleport player.
  • Maintenance and bug fixes.
Jan - March, 2022
  • Began work on mobile apps for viewing Teleport feeds.
  • Maintenance and bug fixes.
Nov - Dec, 2021
  • PTZ live viewer support for Hikvision cameras.
  • Maintenance and bug fixes.
September - October, 2021
  • Improved support for Bosch on the Azena platform.
  • YouTube/Facebook live streaming. Currently in beta stage, contact us to test. Requires an IP camera as the video source.
August, 2021
  • Teleport Station support for webcams on Windows. Webcams are now supported on Windows and Linux.
July, 2021
  • Simplified pricing model, no more plan fees. Volume customers please contact us!
June, 2021
  • Support for Azena cameras. Bosch, Vivotek that run the Azena platform. Find Teleport Station the Azena app store.
  • Webcam support for Teleport Station under Windows.
  • Faster frame loads on our API endpoints.
May, 2021
  • Support for SRT streams used by the broadcast industry, allows image and video streaming function. Currently requires a SRT pull url for your transmitter, contact us to test pushing srt to Teleport.
  • Support for Azena/S&ST/Security & Safety Things cameras, Teleport Station runs onboard cameras from Bosch, Vivotek, etc.
  • Teleport Station will now buffer images locally when Internet connectivity goes down, and upload to Teleport when it comes back. This is enabled in version 1.0.717 and above. This function works on all platforms including Axis and Azena. Enable this function for existing devices in TS dashboard.
April, 2021
  • Low latency live streaming support, optional use of CDN or without depending on type of viewership.
  • Support for IP camera PTZ control from within the Teleport player. Currently works with Axis and Hikvision. Contact us to add support for your specific camera!
March, 2021
  • Introduced Collections. A collection groups feeds together, making sharing and management easier. Viewers can easily browse all feeds in a collection on the collection profile page.
  • DSLR capture now supports multiple cameras on the same Teleport Station device.
  • DSLR capture under Windows uses a newer version of gphoto2 and now supports x86 deployments.
  • DSLR capture now supports custom gphoto2 commands from the Teleport Station dashboard.
  • DSLR capture now supports more manual focus capture modes for Nikon and Canon DSLRs. No need for live view capture, or hardware focus disable to capture manual focus images.
  • Teleport Station has improved power cycle callback support (used to power on/off DSLRs through a USB or Raspberry Pi attached power relay)
  • Improved Teleport Station error retry behaviour.
February, 2021
  • Support for RAW image capture along side JPEG with Teleport Station. Supports Cannon, Nikon, etc.
  • Support for per feed interactive password prompt and IP address access control.
  • Some site redesign and navigation improvements, more to come!
January, 2021
  • Support for PTZ IP cameras, starting with Axis cameras. You can now broadcast to multiple feeds from a single camera. This is made very easy with our Axis on camera app, which allows full remote management. Let us know to add support for your camera brand.
  • Support for multiple IP/DSLR/Webcam cameras connected to Teleport Station. One instance of Teleport Station can now broadcast to multiple feeds. Useful when IP cameras are behind a firewall for example.
  • Support for video streaming and video clip with Teleport Station, on both Axis cameras using on camera app, and Windows/Linux PCs from an IP camera on a local network.
  • Support for remote management of Teleport Station devices by connecting to local http/ssh/rdp services using a tunnel.
Dec. 2020
  • We now sell pre-configured cameras which you can order in our store!
  • Performance improvements in video streaming.
July. 2020
  • Live video streaming is out of preview and expanded support to any IP camera/RTSP stream. Traffic goes through our servers and a CDN so the amount of viewers is not limited by the cameras internet connection.
  • The camera stream should be configured to be an H.264 stream
  • Added a camera preview feature to Teleport Station devices, access this in the dashboard. Allows for previewing camera without attaching to a feed, making on site camera setup easier.
March. 2020
  • Continuing migration of main database to a new global spanning solution, which will allow us to serve content from a datacenter nearest to you. This will allow us to satisfy local data handling policies and of course performance will also improve.
  • Axis live-stream support added to Teleport Player
Feb. 2020
  • Teleport Station devices now support callbacks for image capture, allowing custom image sources. Also a file or a folder can now be a source. The folder is watched for any newly created images.
  • Linux based Teleport Station devices now support webcams.
  • Image capture now supports a multi-schedule definition, allowing you to capture and record at separate rates on custom schedules.
  • Ability to delete historical images based on a set of schedules. Recover storage by for example only deleting night time content completely or 'diluting it' to one image an hour, thus maintaining some historical record.
Dec. 2019
  • Preview of live-stream support for Axis cameras. Currently this connects directly from the viewers browser to the IP camera. Not recommended for public viewing, use for internal viewing where viewership is predictable.
  • Live-stream can support any IP camera with 'rtsp over websocket' capability. Contact us to add support for your camera.
  • Start of backend database upgrades as part of goal to make Teleport globally available rather than from a single datacenter (though backups do already exist in multiple datacenters).
Oct. 2019
  • Frame storage is now 30-50% more efficient for feeds above 480p! You should notice a usage drop in the stats in the week of Oct 14th.
  • Teleport Station capture app for Windows/Linux now supports power control callbacks as well as local device content storage.
Aug - Sept. 2019
  • Privacy mask improvements.
  • Support for frame crop and orientation.
  • Improved video download rates. Will also make use of CDN in near future.
  • Teleport Station improvements.
July. 2019
  • Teleport Station is now available for download.
  • Teleport Station now also runs onboard Axis cameras. This enables pre-provisioned devices to be set out to customers and removes the need to configure firewall/port forwarding.
May. 2019
  • Made significant progress on DSLR camera support with new Teleport Station app. Available for Linux/Windows offers IoT style deployment to devices. Can for example be deployed into an IP camera, Raspberry Pi, Windows/Linux PC, or embedded systems like a custom camera. Allows for full remote management from Teleport dashboards. Contact us to join the preview.
  • Broadcast delay support added for time-lapse video. This is a global setting, video creation on all feeds on a given account is delayed.
  • Upgraded backend servers, now running on much more powerful Xeon based CPUs.
March. 2019
  • Backend enhancements to improve feed storage efficiency.
  • The Teleport Window app for dedicated wall displays has been updated. Now supports remote management. Works on Windows 10 devices as an Assigned access app or Windows 10 IoT Core app.
Feb. 2019
  • New feature: Live Video Clip, allowing capture of full motion video at chosen intervals/duration. Provides immersion similar to streaming video at a fraction of the bandwidth cost. This can be viewed in the player using the new play mode, or mixed into a playlist in the V2 player, currently used by Teleport Window devices.
  • Capture works by connecting to IP camera Rtsp endpoints or Ftp upload to Teleport.
  • This is an add-on that can be added to any feed on any plan.
  • Fixed Chrome/Safari not able to load timelapse video in some cases.
Nov. 2018
  • Happy to announce the long awaited, much more flexible billing structure. You now have the ability to have multi type (resolution and capture rate) feeds per account. It is no longer necessary to have separate accounts for your Pro or Basic feeds.
  • Along with price drops on most plans, there is now much more included storage and bandwidth, double in many cases!
  • The exception is the Starter plan which has been merged with the Basic plan. At the same capture rate, the price is now $9 / feed instead of the old $5. Existing customers will be on the old lower rate until subscription renewal.
  • Disabled or what is now called 'Dormant' feeds are now priced at 2$ per feed per month, or $20 / year on yearly plans.
  • It is no longer necessary to maintain the subscription to match the actual feeds used. This is done automatically on a daily basis.
July-Sept. 2018
  • Using auth0.com for authentication. This will ensure security while enabling the latest login methods into the future. Password information is no longer stored on Teleport servers. The experts at auth0.com now handle this with proper safeguards, certifications and security updates as needed. Please update your sign-in credentials by signing in using the new interface.
  • Feed custom metadata support, store client notes or any custom data for your camera site. Filter feeds using for these properties in the 'mystuff' page. This data will also be made available for query and update via API and show up in Excel export reports.
  • Improved efficiency of IP camera capture.
May-June. 2018
  • Added ability to display custom media in Teleport Player 2.0 Upload images and video to be displayed in Teleport player playlists. You can show images (and video coming soon) mixed with feed content for splash or information screens, advertising, etc. a digital signboard.
  • Improved playlist editing for Teleport Player, new play modes coming soon
Feb-March. 2018
  • Launched preview of Teleport Devices. Currently supporting Teleport Window web based devices allowing provisioning any device with a webbrowser to act as a dedicated feed display.
  • The new version of Teleport Player is used by Teleport Window devices. Now allowing custom playlists to be defined, including multi playmode and multi feed.
  • Currently this new player does not support interactive mode, it is meant for dedicated displays only. UI will be added and at that point it will replace the current player. Enabling much more flexible customization and multi feed support.
Jan. 2018
  • Start of website user interface updates. Some of this can be seen in the new feed listing page when you sign in. Plan is to move the entire site to a lighter, more responsive SPA based design.
  • Continuing work on soon to be released, Teleport Window devices, allowing viewing and remote control of a feed player, will be based on the new player which allows multiple feed display and other new features. First these will support any device with a browser, such as any smart TV, and later dedicated hardware such as the Raspberry Pi.
  • We now have support to move feeds between accounts on a request bases.
Dec. 2017
  • Brand new imaging pipeline. Higher quality image scaling, sharpening is also now performed on scaled (non-original) frames. The new pipeline is also much faster.
  • Improved storage efficiency for frame content. Some feeds may see an up to 2x lower space usage going forward. JPEG quality is now matched to that of source content, and automatically adapts to maintain source quality up to the configured target level.
  • Backend platform, infrastructure and security upgrades.
Nov. 2017
  • Capturing from IP sources now will keep regular intervals on natural numbered time boundries. i.e. frame interval of 5 min, will capture exactly on the hour and then again at 5min after, the same for seconds and hours.
  • IP capture is also much more time accurate, it will capture as close as possible to a target time taking network conditions into account. In our testing using ideal conditions, (fast network and synchronized clocks between camera and server) the error was +/- 30ms.
  • Uploading frames now respects the frameTime specified even if it is in the past. This makes it easier to upload historical content or run a feed that is 'live' with historical content.
  • Make sure your the upload device has an up to date clock, otherwise the feed clock will lag behind realtime.
  • Teleport player zoom feature has been rolled out across all accounts.
Sept/Oct. 2017
  • Ability to deep zoom within the Teleport player, making use of any 4K and 8K content.
  • Well underway on a new version of Teleport player which will offer features like multi feed viewing, lower bandwidth use, new UI, etc.
  • Continuing work on software for Raspberry Pi/Upboard/Minnowboard/Intel Compute Sick and others to support Teleport IoT camera and display devices.
Aug. 2017

Updates to improve IP camera connectivity. Auto detection of jpeg/mjpeg/rtsp urls as well as ONVIF support.

July. 2017

Migrating to a new domain: teleport.io

Migration is now complete. teleport.nu will continue to function over the next year.

New feature: Viewer limits & permission control

The ability to control how users are allowed to consume feed content is now available. Custom roles can be defined allowing public/signed-in/share link viewers and embed codes, all have different permissions.

Supported polices are:

  • Limit image/video resolution, i.e. public viewers can only access 480p content, this helps lower bandwidth usage and in meeting local privacy laws
  • Limit image frame rate, i.e. viewers can't view faster than one frame a minute, while the feed can still record at a higher frame rate, this is also automatically used to limit bandwidth usage if throttling is enabled
  • Broadcast delay, i.e. limit access to frames older than 1 hour, again to help meet local privacy laws
Coming next:
  • Live content only
  • Inactivity triggered policies or maximal viewing time
  • Limit access to anonymized or masked content only
  • etc. let us know what you need!

Responsive Teleport player embed code

A new player embed code that uses <script tag vs <iframe and automatically sizes to maintain the feed aspect ratio and remove any black bars on the side, here is how to use it. It's used on the Teleport page already, however the embed page does not yet provide these codes, this will change once it gets more testing.

June. 2017

Migrating to a new domain: teleport.io

Starting this month we've begun the process of migrating away from teleport.nu to teleport.io. teleport.nu will function fully over the next year as far as API calls and player embeds, so there is plenty of time to transition. You can now update all player embed codes and links to the new domain.

On June 16th, users will be redirected from teleport.nu to teleport.io. This will not affect signed-in users which will be given until the end of June to sign in on the new domain.

Viewer limits & permission control

The ability to control how users are allowed to consume feed content is coming this month. Custom roles can be defined allowing public/signed-in/share link viewers and embed codes, all have different permissions.

Supported polices will be:

  • Limit image/video resolution, i.e. public viewers can only access 480p content, this helps lower bandwidth usage and in meeting local privacy laws
  • Limit image frame rate, i.e. viewers can't view faster than one frame a minute, while the feed can still record at a higher frame rate
  • Broadcast delay, i.e. limit access to frames older than 1 hour, again to help meet local privacy laws
  • Live content only
  • Inactivity triggered policies or maximal viewing time
  • Limit access to anonymized or masked content only
  • etc. let us know what you need!

Performance improvements

Starting on some optimizations to lower API response times this month.

  • Frame-get API response time went from 110 to 55ms!
  • Frame upload API also getting a makeover to enable faster 4K frame processing.
  • Expect more in the coming months.
May. 2017

4K/8K image and 4K video support

Teleport now supports up to 8K image resolution and 4K video resolution. Available on the Control plan only at this time.

IP address change

IP address changed on API and website endpoints. This was a result of cloud infrastructure upgrades. The current IP will remain the same in the foreseeable future. Ideally any firewall or trust policy configurations on your end would be based on the domain name not the IP, the IP may change again in the future as required by cloud deployment upgrades.

March, 2017

Tired pricing for bandwidth and storage

Some of our customers store a lot more than we anticipated. To support this we've lowered our pricing based on tiers, the pricing is posed here.

Cloud deployment improvements to support higher bandwidth requirements

In order to ensure performance at scale work was done on expanding our backend storage services to accommodate increased bandwidth requirements. This way you can not only store effectively an unlimited amount of image data with Teleport, but also access it at speed even with thousands of simultaneous viewers.

In the works

  • Teleport station for Android
  • BIM, Building Information Modeling support, view model overlays within the Teleport Player.
  • VR and 360 degree panorama support.
  • IoT camera and display device support. Ability to remote control these devices to adjust capture or display settings.
  • Redesigned Teleport Player, including all UI and play modes, including multiple feed playback.