Teleport + Hikvision

  • Hikvision is a very popular camera manufacturer with world-wide availability and cameras that offer great image and build quality. Nearly all Hikvision cameras will work with Teleport.
  • Newer Hikvision cameras support the HEOP 2.0 platform, use our Teleport Station app for smart edge functionality with these cameras. View Hikvision cameras that support HEOP.
  • Non HEOP 2.0 cameras are fully supported as well and offer the full Teleport feature set. For these cameras configure port forwarding or use the on camera FTP function. View the Hikvision integration guide

Supported Hikvision camera models

  • Pro Series
  • DeepinView Series
  • Solar-powered Series
  • Value Series
  • Panoramic Series
  • Ultra Series
  • Wi-fi Series
  • PT Series
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Any IP camera will work, just enter the IP address and login! For webcams, DSLR, mirrorless and Point & shoot cameras, install our Teleport Station app for Windows or Linux (works on Raspberry Pi).

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  • No setup required, simply unbox, plug in a single wire and it records!
  • Camera immediately shows on your Teleport account, begins recording and streaming, can be easily managed
  • Ships with everything needed
  • Installs using a single Ethernet cable, up to 100m, longer with a mid-span, mounts on a post or a wall
  • Inside/outside, -30°C to +50°C or -22°F to 122°F, all weather operation
  • Based on leading, high quality cameras from Axis
  • Note that Teleport works with any IP camera or most DSLRs, our cameras make it even easier!
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